BMW High Performance at Performing Imports

Here at Performing Imports we do High Performance the right way. There is a BIG difference between building a race or track car and a High Performance street car. A track car or Race car is build for a very specific purpose and used only for that purpose. Also, race cars are used for one single race, then taken back to the shop and torn down and rebuild, so race parts do not have to meet a very high standard of quality because they only need to last for one race. The same is pretty much true for track cars.

A street car is a whole different story. To maintain reliability as well as longevity, high performance parts for a street car have to at least meet - if not exceed - the quality of the factory parts. This is not done easily nor inexpensively. Many people ask us why Dinan products are more expensive than so-and-so's parts. It is simple: Dinan's parts match, and in most cases, exceed BMW's factory parts in quality and longevity. No other company invests the time or money to do it this way. That is why Dinan modifications do NOT void your BMW Factory warranty. Dinan is the ONLY company who matches BMW's warranty mile-for-mile and year-for-year. To see a copy of Dinan's warranty policy, please go here:

We at Performing Imports follow that same philosophy, and we pride ourselves on the quality of our work. We will NEVER short cut our work or install sub standard parts. Ever. Period.

So, please be rest assured that you can bring your BMW to us with the confidence and knowledge that any modification Performing Imports performs on your BMW is done RIGHT! Please send us an E-mail or call us to discuss your High Performance wishes!